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To get the best return on your home, you need to make your home look its best. Here are some tips to start…,


Consult with your REALTOR®
One of the many oversights of homeowners is forgetting to consult with the Real Estate Sales Representative /Broker regarding ways to quickly and easily increase the value of their property, along with the value in minor to major additions/renovations to their property.  This is more and more critical to produce a good selling experience, and to get the maximum value for your home.


Clean Your Home
Take the time to do a deep cleaning on your home. Clean your windows. Consider a fresh coat of paint. Clean the grout in your ceramic tile. Consider whether your carpets need cleaning. When you walk into a nice hotel room, everything is nice and sparkly clean. You want the same thing for your house. Even small things can make a difference. Make sure the furnace filter is clean. If it is dirty, potential buyers will wonder how you have taken care of other mechanicals in your house.


Declutter Your Home
It’s time to get out the packing boxes. If you are serious about moving, start packing now. Think about getting a small storage locker. Lighten up the house. If the living room has too much furniture, it doesn’t look usable.


Take colour down a notch
You might like your lime-green bedroom, but it may sour buyers. Paint your walls a neutral colour that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.


Eliminate bad odours
Hide the litter box and spray air neutralizer throughout your home. For showings & open houses the home, fill it with inviting smells by putting out fresh flowers and baking a batch of cookies. Stay away from strong air deodorizers that overpower the senses.


Consider getting a home inspection
Typically, homebuyers get a home inspection before completing the purchase of a home. Why not find out ahead of time which items the home inspector will report need attention? The key is to be proactive. Maybe there is a small drip in the faucet or there aren’t electrical ground-fault circuit interrupters where they are supposed to be, near water. These can be a small fix, and it creates a less-hassled transaction. We are seeing transactions fall through because of issues over home inspections. Then the house has to go back on the market, and everyone is disappointed. The bottom line: Don’t give prospective buyers reasons to check your house off the list. When people look at a house, they are really looking for reasons not to buy. They are looking for things wrong with it.


Don’t hike up the sale price
Real estate experts advise being realistic when it comes to your selling price. It needs to be competitive. Buyers are looking for the best value. Research often tells us that if you price your home close to what it will sell for, it will sell faster and actually for more money than if you price it too high to begin with. Pricing a home too high can eliminate some potential buyers from even viewing your house, and that could mean your house sits on the market longer. If eventually you decide to do a price reduction, buyers may wonder what is wrong with the home. You can price your home to get sold, or to get your neighbour’s house sold. If a house is priced higher, which one will look like the best value?

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